Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where do I start?

Okay, so you've made the decision that you want to "get fit".  So where do you start?

Gyms/fitness centers can be a bit intimidating at times.  Especially large gyms with tons of in shape people working out.  Now, this isn't an endorsement for Planet (UN)Fitness.  I abhor that franchise.  Any fitness center that claims it's a "judgment free" place but makes commercials that discriminate against people and serves donuts and pizza to members......uh, that's a problem.

But I digress....

So basically there are 2 ways to start your fitness journey: at home or at a fitness center.  I've done both and will say your life/schedule will determine which fits you best.

Benefits of fitness centers: classes, free informational seminars, availability of personal training and equipment/amenities.

Cons: Can be pricey and just might not be your cup of tea.

Benefits of at-home workouts:  Lower cost or free (the internet is a valuable tool in developing home workout routines, but if you have any limiting conditions....check with your physician first), DVDs are easy to follow and allow you to workout alone, you don't have to go anywhere.

Cons: Some people really benefit from working out with others motivation wise.  Some people really need to get out of the house because it's easier for them quit at home.

You'll have to evaluate your priorities to decide which one will suit your needs.

If you decide to go the fitness center route; you're not alone.  Many people join gyms in the new year.  The key is to stick with it.  And yes, you will have people that despise the new year's rush.  They will be frustrated that every treadmill is taken or that you're working out on the equipment they want to use.  Well you  know what?   You pay your membership dues just like them and don't let them intimidate you!  Have confidence in the choice you've made to better your health! 

One of the main things I see with a lot of newbies in the gym is using equipment improperly.  If you don't know exactly how to use a piece of equipment, find someone that works there, and ask.  We are more than happy to show you how to use it.  I would rather see that, then watch someone hurt themselves.

If you decide to workout at home: start with simple stuff.  You don't necessarily have to run out and by a whole home gym.  Push-ups, sit-ups/crunches, squats.....just a few of the strength exercises you can do without any equipment!
Check out Tabata workouts (there are close to 1 million on Youtube), they are fast and effective.
Here's another one I like.....and you might like it too, if you're a Potter Nerd like me:
You can, as a family, do squats, jumping jacks or push-ups during commercials when watching television together!  This is a great one since it's hard to get outside during the winter!

No matter where you start, at home or at a fitness center........it's just important that you start!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Resolutions are for.......


Here's the deal, setting a New Year's resolution is not a bad thing.  It's basically setting a goal.  Now....how you maintain your effort to reach your goal is the important part.

If you set out to, let's say...lose 100lbs, that's a pretty daunting goal.  And, at times when you (general you) are not seeing the scale move consistently, people tend to give up.  Why?  Because they become discouraged because all they can think of is...."I only lost 5lbs and 100 seems so hard and far away".

Well no wonder people give up when they think this way!   I would be discouraged too!

But what if that same person decided they were going to track their weight loss in 3-5lb increments?  Then a 5lb weight loss would be considered a success!

By the way.......let's not get too caught up with the scale anyway.  Body composition is MUCH more important.  I urge everyone to get their body fat percentage tested.  That way you can know exactly where you stand.......and what you're 'losing'.

5lbs of fat vs 5lbs of muscle
Fat takes up WAY more space in your body!
Now back to business.....

Here's what I'm saying; it's not a new or novel concept to break your goals down into mini goals.  That's how large goals are accomplished.

I challenge you to make some goals for 2014.  They can be absolutely anything provided they are something that make YOU a better YOU.....to YOU.  Not what other people want you to be, not what other people think you should be, but what you want you to be.

I'll share some of mine with you:

1.  The last time I wore a 2 piece swimsuit was in 2007.  BEFORE I got pregnant with SE.  We lived in Virginia Beach and we were at the beach every weekend.  Now I'm not saying I had the most banging body before I had my kids, but I could at least wear a 2 piece without being self conscious.

But here's the goal (and I feel if I tell the world....I will have to be accountable and I'm less likely to quit)........

I WILL wear a 2 piece this summer!!!!  And I WILL wear it IN PUBLIC (not just in my friend's backyard pool) at Schlitterbahn where Kristi and I, plus 2 other people we haven't identified yet, will ride the world's tallest waterslide.

Here's the link to check it out! Verruckt. Kinda sounds like 'You're f****d' which scares me a bit.

Now, for that goal to become a reality for ME, there are many things that need to fall in place.  I need a real, sticking, lifestyle change.  I know many people like me that go through phases of eating well, eating clean, then binging and then back to eating well.  I'd like to add some consistency to my life.  Now look, it's America and donuts are good dammit.  And I'm not going to even say I won't have a donut now and then, or a slice of pizza.  That is unrealistic and telling myself I absolutely CANNOT have something WILL make me crave it and I will eventually give in.  My goal will be an 80/20 split of clean/paleo and the junk.  That's what will work for me, not necessarily what will work for you.

The working out part is NOT an issue for me.  I love to workout.  That feeling you get when you're lifting to failure....it's addictive to me.  Not being able to lift my arms to wash my hair in the shower after a good workout.....wow.  I need that in my life.  So that's not the issue at all.  It's the food.  So that's what I'm primarily focusing on.

Individuals have to find out what works for them.

Goal #2: I will get my NSCA-CSCS certification by spring and run some conditioning/agility camps this summer for youth athletes.

Goal #3:  I will get my house organized.  And we will be getting rid of A LOT of stuff.  We're not having any more kids.....why do I still have an exersaucer?  Crib bedding?  Baby toys?  Yeah....that stuff has got to go.  I think Hillcrest is going to be getting a lot of stuff.....SOON.

Goal #4:  This one will be challenging.......by June I'd like to be able to bench 135lbs. Just because I want to put the 45lbs on.  LOL.  That's a FAR cry from my college max of.....95lbs.  I'm repping with that now, so I've made some progress.

So that's it.  Those goals are out there.  For everyone to see.  If you are setting goals, really sit down and think about them.  Are they attainable?  Realistic?  Can you break them down into smaller goals to lead to the big one?  How will you reward yourself for reaching your smaller goals and the large one? 

Who knows about your goals?  Who are you going to be accountable to?

My rewards will be small for small increments of my large goal: a new headband, new songs for my workouts, new workout clothes and the large one....a nice new bikini!!  And maybe some Beats headphones!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are you serious?????

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

I laugh my ass off at the photos on 'People of Walmart'.  I can't even begin to believe people leave the house looking crazy like some of the photos I've seen on that site.  I'm often left thinking....NO WAY would people really leave the house looking like that....they must be TRYING to get noticed.  Or.....have these people NO shame?!?!?! 

Here are some of my current favorites:

Is this a man or a woman?  And a nude colored spandex suit with black elastic??
Dude, a supermodel couldn't pull that outfit off. 

Ah....the back fat.  Or saggy skin.  Or both.  Just YIKES.

Now you KNOW, she thought she was looking good.  Maybe a stop off before
hitting the waterpark perhaps?  We can only hope.  I'd have to say...I would have went
the tankini route.

Junk in the trunk....and the garage, and the barn and the backseat and whatever
other storage space you can think of.

I posted this one on Facebook previously.  She obviously missed the in hospital teaching
that pants should be worn while you have an indwelling catheter.  Eeeeew.

Stooping to a new low.  Really, really far down.

I don't know if whale tail even covers it in this case.

Call me critical.  Call me wrong.....but you KNOW I'm right.

Whatever happened to.....wait for it.....


Merriam-Webster defines decorum as:

propriety and good taste in conduct or appearance .
Currently I'm 12lbs heavier than I was last summer.  I've added some muscle, but I've also added fat.
I'm a size 8 and sometimes 10.  I'd like to be a steady 8, which for me, means a 10lb weight loss.  Okay, I think I can manage that.
And while I'm smaller than the average woman's size (in America) which is a 12, there are still things that I KNOW don't look good on me and that I wouldn't even dream of wearing.
But I digress....
I never thought I would actually see, with my own two eyes a site similar to what I have seen in the photos above or on the people of Walmart website.
The closest I ever got was one of the last times I was home, I was working out with some friends and saw an older woman over in the ab area of the gym where the mats are, doing a plank and she was wearing a t shirt that wasn't long enough to cover her bum and her pant choice???  Black tights.
No.  Black tights cannot substitute for proper workout pants/yoga pants.  Nope.  Won't work.  Especially if your skin is whiter than snow.  Then it's REALLY bad.  LOL.
But....last time I was home (is it a Colorado thing??) the fam and I were at the Golden Corral off Powers and I saw this:
I was attempting to be discreet while I snapped the photo with my phone.  But did I really need to hide the fact that I was taking the photo??  She didn't feel the need to hide her bra before going out in public!!!!! It's like she almost like she deserved to have her photo taken!!  And posted!!!  WHO doesn't wear a shirt in public if you're not a man at the beach or pool?!?!?!?!?
And the jumper?  Curtains man!  She needs to put the brakes on that jumper.
And then my mom....."take one from the front"!!  NO.  It was hard enough to pretend to be discreet taking it from the back in a crowded restaurant!!!
*And I wonder where I get my critical nature from???  Hmmmmmmm, lemme think.
The point is......more decorum, more class, more decency.  Period.

Supermama rosie

Let's dust off these cobwebs.....

Whoa!  It's been a bit since I've updated this bloggity blog blog! 

Things have been a bit busy around here!!! 

Let's sum up the month of July and the end of June: Trip home with the boys for a family wedding, 4th of July celebration, trip to Minnesota for a family funeral, new therapists for the boys, new supplements for the boys and doc appts for Mom.  Oh, and the stress of finals for the hubs.

I decided to go out to Colorado for my cousin's wedding because each of the last times I've seen that side (my biological father's) of my family it's been for a funeral.  And let's face it.......that stinks.  It's hard to be happy and smiling in photos and conversations when someone close to you has passed.

Now...I wanted to have fun at the wedding.  Not be stressed about SE and C.  So they stayed home with my in laws.  Not that I don't think my kids are fun....they are.  But they are also a LOT of work.  I wanted to hang out with my family, not constantly be pulled away from conversations because my children were running wild, spilling beverages, needing diaper changes or melting down from the over stimulation of meeting new family members, loud music and all the rest of things that come with family get togethers.

That said....the wedding was in Denver and you know what else is in Denver???  IKEA.  Yeah...we don't have one in KC yet and while one is being built....we all know that it will open the week after we move or something. :-P

So...yep, I shopped at IKEA in my wedding duds.  Best dressed shopper in IKEA baby!!!

The wedding was beautiful and I was so happy to be there with a lot of my family that I hadn't seen in a year.  Wish more of the cousins could have made it, but I'm sure I'll see them sometime!!  Maybe we'll be able to make the next family reunion!  About 1/4 of the cousins in this pic!

My mom and J came with me since I was dateless due to my hubs having to stay home.  I swear, my family is going to start thinking I'm making his existence up.

It was a short and fast visit home, but if you know me....we packed as much in as we could!!  Including some time up in the mountains for the Cripple Creek/Victor train ride!
C (of course) LOVED every minute of it.  He's the train enthusiast, so I wasn't surprised.  SE liked it too, but the loud sound of the engine was a bit much for him.  I wasn't thinking it would be loud, but I definitely could have used his earmuffs. 
That trip taught me to always keep a pair with me at all times and it's come in handy because he has requested them several times.
And no childhood would be complete without a trip to the North Pole!!
I clearly look excited to go on all the rides huh?  LOL!!!

We returned home in time for one of our favorite holidays......Independence Day!!!
The night before the 4th, SE requested to go outside to look at the fireworks.  Now, in a stark contrast from our home state of Colorado that would ignite at the mere thought of fireworks, here in Missouri large fireworks are legal and plentiful!
Now this is a REALLY big deal because last year SE was very afraid of large fireworks.  Like he was cowering in fear under the table on the deck.  This year he REQUESTED to go out!!  And LOVED the fireworks.  I put his earmuffs on so he'd be more comfortable.
Last year we had some friends over for a small BBQ, this year it was just us 4.  Maybe next year we'll have a little get together.

Even Lucy got in on the festivities!!! I took this photo for the yellow lab group I belong to on Facebook.
Shortly after that we got some bad news that my hubs' uncle had passed away.  We felt it important to go to the funeral.  It was sad to say goodbye, but we did get to see a lot of family that we hadn't seen in years!  Heck, the majority of my hubs' family hadn't even MET C.
So we packed up the 'Burb, had a dear friend watch Lucy for us and started trucking up I-35.
We stopped in the corn state...oh wait, my bad...Iowa, for breakfast. 
We're foodies.  As in, we watch those food shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network and say, "If we're ever in (location of restaurant of that particular show) we're gonna eat there".
Well....if you've ever seen 'Breakfast Paradise' on the Travel Channel.......the Machine Shed in Des Moines is on there.  This is the cinnamon roll we got.  All 4 of us shared it....and it was SO GOOD!


My grandparents are no longer living, so it's extra important we visit my hubs' maternal grandparents.

4 generations in this photo!

And what cousins on my hubs side have had the O basement experience??  Every.Single.One.  Now our kids are in that bright orange/red carpet club!

Carson....the budding pianist/organist.

Switching gears....
So here's something I don't like about having so many therapies for my boys....therapist turnover.  Both boys have had multiple therapists in the last year.  SE's whole ABA team is new and C is about ready to get a new therapist to fit the hours he's due into the short time before school starts and state services end.  Blah.  I fear change in this respect.  If something's not broke....I don't wanna mess with it.  But if people leave for new positions, schooling or simply schedules don't jive anymore...what can you do?
I also started them on a couple new supplements.  Agape, which is a multi vitamin with a ton of B12 which is a micro nutrient that ASD kids are lacking most times and good 'ol cod liver oil.  Diapers have been....well....interesting to say the least but hey....it's better than having a patient with C diff.  (My nursing friends will appreciate that).  We have seen improvement in eye contact and joint attention with C and with SE he's been more verbal.  Good stuff.  We'll keep it up.
And as for me...well, I think this particular blog is long enough, so maybe I'll do a "beauty blog" and address some of that stuff.
Supermama rosie

Saturday, June 22, 2013

We're talking progression....and regression.

Alright, I'm a bad news first kinda person. 
When someone asks me what I want to hear first, the good or the bad....I always say bad.  Why?  Because hearing the good ends the news on a positive note.

So I'm going to start with the bad news.

C is regressing.  BOO!!!!!  We were doing SO well too!  UGH.

What do I mean by regressing?  Well, in essence...losing skills.  His joint attention is down, compliance is down; he's basically chilling out in his own world.  Now there are a couple reasons this might be happening.

C, in the past, has been known to regress before he makes a huge leap in development.  I'm SO hoping this is what it is.  His therapy has been somewhat inconsistent though, due to scheduling and illnesses that are, unfortunately, part of life.  This might be it too.  There is also the fact that SE has been home at a different time of day now that regular school is out and summer school is in, completely throwing both of the boy's normal schedules out of whack.  Also...the cast on C's arm might be adding to his sensory needs by messing with his balance. 

WHO KNOWS?!?!?!  That's the frustrating part.  When your child has a disease that people know the cause....most times there are proven treatments for it.  But with Autism...no child is affected in the same way, which is why there is NO proven treatment or cure.  We don't know what causes it and what works for one kid might not work for another.  Heck, my 2 boys are completely different.

So what's the plan?  Keep plugging away at our work on joint attention, responding to his name, etc.  We're gonna get it worked out.....there is NO other option.

This sweet boy deserves nothing better than the best I can give him. :)
Now the good stuff.
The flip side.  SE has been saying some AWESOME stuff lately.  The hubs took a trip to Utah last week for his PhD program.  He was set to arrive home pretty late and I had the boys in the car while we were waiting for  him to call and tell us he'd landed. 
Well, the auxiliary lights were on in the car so I opened the door so they would go off.  Of course the interior lights came on and right when they did SE says, "Welcome to the party"!.  After I told him that was a good thing to say I laughed so hard I almost started crying.  It was just the way he said it.  Now, I know he heard that phrase on some kind of show, but the important thing was that he used it appropriately. 
THEN....while we were away from the house on a community outing with one of his therapists I was buckling him into his seat and I told him we were going to 'go'.  He responded with, "Go see Grandma and Papa now"!  How completely adorable.  We've been talking about our upcoming trip home to Colorado, where he'll be able to see Grandma, Papa and Gigi, the boys' grandparents.
Awesome that he used his language appropriately!!!!  I tell ya, it's the little things that make me so proud!
Here's your warning....
So...let's talk about how our commissary will be CLOSED every Monday...ALL DAY starting the 8th of July!  Um  WHAT?!?!?!  Now...not that I shop at the commissary very often, but what about the people on post that do?  How many times have you forgotten a simple ingredient for a recipe and had to run to the store?  Now people that live on post will have to make a way longer drive to another supermarket!  Annoying!!! 
Why is this happening??  The FREAKING sequester!!!  All the non military employees having their salary cut by 20% because of furloughs...this includes the people that work at the commissary.    I guess cutting 2% of the federal budget was just TOO difficult!  But people are constantly talking about their "Obama phones" and are texting for free!  I'm not even going to start in on all the other topics I could go off about.....but not being able to cut 2% caused all this.  Did you know they government spent 492 million on just ADVERTISING for the "Obama phones"?!??!?!  That could have paid a TON of contracted employees!!! 
Okay...rant over.
Moving on....
So....I've decided not to tell people I'm trying to 'lose weight'.  Because that's not what I want to do.  I want to build muscle and lose fat.  Hence all the weightlifting and interval cardio.
Oh...so then there's this....
I take a lot of 'selfies'.  That's photos of yourself. :)  It helps me with motivation and also to see what I need to work on and what I've accomplished.
I find it funny these were all taken on different days.....but I have the SAME EXACT pose.  Haha!!!
My arms seem to be coming along so now my focus has transferred to my abs and hip/thigh area. 
And you KNOW I ain't posting that stuff online until I'm where I need to be.  So here's a tip...don't hold your breath waiting for those photos....because it's going to be awhile.
I've been doing my yoga at home these days and I'm considering going back to class....but we'll see. 

I'm LOVING lifting right now.  I wish more women would lift heavy.  I keep telling my friends and family that.  Lifting real weights builds muscle and more muscle burns fat and calories....which means we can EAT more!!!!  LOL.  I love how everything always comes back to food with me.

Which reminds me.  The sign I need to put on the boy's cookie package...

For real.  No jokes. 

I need that sign.

So let's talk about some stuff I saw in the gym this week and some tips on how to avoid being annoying.


Is this?!?!?!?!

Seriously.  You can't use those together.  One attachment on the cable at a time.

2.  How hard is it to re-rack your weights???  If you can put them on....you can take them off.

On Friday at 5am I walked into the gym and there were weights on the bar in the squat rack, uneven on the leg press, on 2 benches and dumbbells on the floor.  Freaking annoying.

3.  Squats on the Smith machine.  Now.....let's talk a bit about functional movement.  I'm no expert on squats since I use plates under my heels to compensate for my super long femur length so I can go parallel or below BUT I DO know that a smith machine squat isn't the right way to squat.  If you watch a person do a regular GOOD barbell squat you'll see the bar doesn't stay exactly on a straight line down.  Why?  Because that's not the way your body goes when you squat. :)  Anywho, I saw a multitude of people squatting this way this week.  *SMH*

  That's it for now.  I'm being summoned by a cranky 2 year old. 

We're going to watch some bull riding tonight.  Should be interesting with a 2 year old and 4 year old who both only napped in the car earlier today.  What can I say??  We're gluttons for punishment!  LMAO!!!

Hey by the way......it's almost one of my most favorite holidays!!!  4th of July!!  Why?  Because my family loves AMERICA!!!

Yes, I will be wearing these glass ALL DAY on the 4th!!!  Even to workout!

Supermama rosie

Monday, June 10, 2013

Real Housewives FINALLY shows REAL LIFE!

So, I'm an avid Real Housewives watcher.  Well maybe not avid.....I pick and choose.

I watch OC, Beverly Hills, Miami and my 2 favorites...Atlanta and New Jersey.

Last season on the RHofNJ it was revealed at the reunion show that Jacqueline's youngest son, Nick, was diagnosed with Autism.  She did several interviews after that and was not candid about her feelings, crying several times. 

And you know what?  I appreciated that.  She's REAL.  Those are real feelings about her son.  It's the way millions of parents feel across the country.   It's how I felt.  Remember, Autism is now affecting 1 out of every 50 children.

Last night part of the episode really showed how Jacqueline and her husband Chris are dealing with Autism.  There were a lot of tears shed by Jacqueline and I shed some too, just watching and almost reliving those moments when the diagnoses came down for my two sons.  It hurts.

You (as a mother) know in your heart that it's Autism but when the doctor actually tells you......it finally hits home that it's REAL.  Yes, this is happening...to your kids, to you and your family.  And it's LIFE ALTERING. 

In the show Jacqueline reveals that her son regressed from sentences to being non verbal.  From answering to his name to ignoring them.  Sounded familiar.  C regressed too.  SE was just never at the point communication wise that he *could* regress.

Spoiler alert!!!!  If you don't want to know what happens in the episode...go watch it then come back here and read!

At one point in the episode Chris reveals that he's been working on Nick saying 'I love you'.  This was pivotal because on the reunion show of the previous season one of the saddest parts was when Jacqueline states that her son doesn't say 'I love you' anymore and Caroline hugs her as she's sobbing and says "He'll say it again, I know he will".

Super tears there too.  It hurt me to see her going through the same thing I went through.  What so many families are going through.  What one family goes through every 20 minutes when their child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Anywho...close to the end of the episode Chris has Nick tell his mom 'I love you'.  Here's the link if you want to cry your eyes out: Nick tells Jacqueline 'I love you'

He has a dum dum sucker for a reinforcer.  Awesome.  AND what's better is that many of their friends and family were there to see it.

That was important to me because it gave them a glimpse into what life with a child with Autism is like.

Many people take for granted the things that come so easy for their children.

"Mommy....my tummy hurts".  I've never heard it.  I don't know my kids are sick until they're puking everywhere.

"Mommy, I'm scared".  I don't know that until one of the boys is shaking like a leaf in my arms and screaming bloody murder.

And my biggest fear......

"Mommy, my teacher (or another student) was mean to me today".

How would you feel if you knew your child couldn't tell you if the bus driver mistreated them?  Or if they were getting bullied in school?

Horrible.  That's how.  And that's exactly how I feel.  SE isn't to that point yet and if something were to happen, God forbid, I would have NO idea.  I have to trust these people caring for and educating my son.

At the end of the above mentioned clip, Jacqueline states that the moment her son said 'I love you' gave her hope.  Hope because if he can say that....he can say a lot more.  And that's how I feel with both boys. 

October 27th, 2011.  What an absolutely moving day for us.  I'll remember it forever.  It was the day SE said 'hi' to me for the very first time.  He was 2 1/2 years old.  I cried like nobody's business!!!!  I was so happy.  For the exact same reason Jacqueline was hopeful for her son.  If SE could say 'hi', he could say more.  And just the other day he did just that.

We were sitting on the couch in the family room and C's speech therapist Amy was here working with C.  C was running all around (actually the same day he fractured his wrist) and SE asked me for Orangie (his lovey).  I told him Orangie was upstairs and he could go get him.  SE looks at me and says "No Mommy, you go get Orangie".  I looked at Amy and said, "Did he just tell me to go get him"?  We both agreed that he did.  Wow, how far we've come!

Both my boys are making progress.  But we still have so far to go.  Our goal was to have SE in a regular education Kindergarten class with an aide.  He has one more year of preschool then we'll have to make a decision. 
It's frustrating because while I love the therapists that come into our home, I know SE would do so much better in the structured environment of a center.  However, we don't have the money to pay out of pocket and the closest center (17 miles one way) away doesn't take our insurance right now.  So they are trying to get credentialed with Tricare and I'm hoping both will be in the center by the start of the school year in August.  Fingers are crossed!
With SE in a center and in preschool for a full year before Kindergarten....watch out, the sky's the limit!!!!
So I hope they continue to show Nick and his progress on the show.  And showing the struggles would be beneficial too.  I think they could make a great impact on people who otherwise wouldn't even get exposed to the world of Autism!
I absolutely love these boys!  And while I have accepted their diagnoses, I refuse to keep them in that box! 


Supermama rosie

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tornados and a surprise visit!!!!

We live on the KS/MO border. 

AKA....in the middle of.....TORNADO ALLEY.

Yeah, that's us.  Right in the middle!

We, luckily, have a basement area that I stock with water, food, extra changes of clothes and shoes, a radio, flashlights, an air mattress with blankets and in the event we are put on warning, I'll bring our important documents (birth certs, social security cards, photos, passports, tax records etc.) down there as well.

When the horrific tornadoes hit Oklahoma and Kansas last week and the week before looking at the images I couldn't help but think....OMG, what if that happened to us?!?!?  What if my son were at school??  What if the hubs is at work?!?!?!  SCARY!!

Here are a couple pics of the sky last week taken from my back deck!  Very ominous!!

Hopefully we'll never have to find out.

I'm definitely sending prayers out to the victims of these horrific acts of nature.  Those images from Moore, OK really got me.  Especially the kids in the school.  I couldn't even imagine dragging little bodies out of that rubble.  Hence, why I'll NEVER be a Peds nurse.  EVER.  You know how they say never say never?  I'm saying never.

So....let's move on to happier stuff!

Finally....my arms (at the right angles in the gym mirror) are looking a little better!!   Yes, it may seem a little narcissistic that I take a photo of myself in the gym everyday BUT I have my reasons.


One.....I like to have record of my progress.  And I know what you're thinking...."yeah...but do you have to post it to FB and IG if it's for YOUR record"? 

Nope, I sure don't have to, but I like to.  And that leads me to me second reason.  I post because I have several FB friends and followers on IG that have told me that my posts and photos help them stick with their health and fitness goals or even start exercising.  Not to toot my own horn...but a couple have even said they're inspirational. 

Um....toot toot!

That makes my heart SWELL!!  Not with pride, well maybe a little, but I love that people are getting healthy and making positive changes in their lives!

I also recently started a new workout program. 

Here it is: Shortcut to Size It's an intense program and I'm loving it. 

It's crazy hard and it uses microcycles for periodization; I feel absolutely spent after every single workout.  It's Wednesday and my legs are still sore from my leg day on Friday of last week!

I'm going to keep busting my butt until I reach my goals! 

However, something that keeps bugging me is the lack of women in the weights section.  Especially free weights.  I often take for granted that I've been strength training for 18 years, since my sophomore year of high school.  But only now I'm getting serious about lifting HEAVY weight.  That's really the only way my muscles respond.  But I do think that more women need to lift...heavy.  Lifting weights build muscle and muscle burns FAT!

But lifting this hard, doing cardio AND teaching classes is making me EAT.  Shoot! 

However, I am getting help and support from some good friends in person, through my challenge Facebook page and via text.  I can do this!!!  And I won't beat myself up when I slip.

This last week was the first week of summer break.  And we've been having fun!  I've been enjoying some quality time with my sons.




Sitting in your toy box is for the cool kids.

Riding your car on the couch is also for the cool kids.
At the end of the week we got a SUPER surprise!!
Now most people would freak out at the thought of their in-laws calling and telling them they would be stopping by in 6 hours.  But we were SO excited!!  The only thing that didn't have me too excited was cleaning up all the dog hair in the guest room.  Lucy sheds like a maniac!
We decided to go out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (which is basically the family staple) and C was SO scared to go in!  Weird.  So we decided to go to Five Guys instead.  Which was okay, but I certainly would have rather had a steak.  But C was uncomfortable and scared so we all decided it was a better choice to go somewhere he was okay with.
Snuggling with Grandma!


We also did a little shopping!

Papa wanted to ride with SE in the cart!

And Cabela's too!!

Feeding the fish!

This last week (between the rain) provided some great days for running.  So I took the boys out and we ventured into the jungle....wait, I mean the trail system by our house.  The boys fell asleep, which was awesome because I didn't have to hear, "Out"! "All done"!


Which leads me to my next beef with Missouri.....TICKS.  Gross. Removed one from SE last week after we went to the playground on post.

And here comes my nurse speech.  Make sure to check yourself, your kids, your spouse and your pets for ticks when coming in from outside.
Also, the proper way to remove a tick is to use fine point tweezers to grasp the tick where it's attached and pull it out with strong steady pressure.  When it's out, clean the area with soap and water or alcohol.  Check the area later for the signature bulls eye mark that is characteristic of Lyme disease. *steps down off nurse soapbox*
And now for the least fun event of the week.
Yesterday during speech therapy at home, C rolled off the bean bag (we have one of those HUGE 5ft ones) while he was playing and landed on his wrist funny.  He cried, and cried.....and cried.  Then was holding it and saying "Owie" and "It hurt".  So I knew something was up.  Especially when he wouldn't calm down. 
So I called the hubs and he had an ortho doc put in an order for an x-ray.  We got to the clinic on post and strolled right into x-ray.  No wait.  SWEET!  C slept through the whole thing.  Even better!!
And then he even slept through one of the clinic techs putting the splint on!!  I let her know that when we come back Friday morning.....it won't be that easy to put the hard cast on. LOL.  The whole process only took an hour!

He's adjusting well.  The best thing about the splint is that he can't really climb with it, so I haven't had to scold him for climbing ON the entertainment center!  I've been giving him Tylenol when he tells me that it hurts or when I notice he's extra irritable and tugging at the bandages.

Ah....how did we know C would be the one to break a bone first?!?!?!  Oh, because DANGER is his middle name!!

That's it for now!  Hope you all are having a fantastic day.  I'm about to grab the boys and take a trip to Sam's Club.  I'm sure they'll request pizza the minute we walk in.  I guess that will be their dinner.  Mother of the year here!!!  LOL.  Such a hypocrite talking about eating well and here I am giving my kids pizza.  Hmph!

Supermama rosie